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Privacy Policy

Welcome to NGESRO

NGESRO is a cluster of Silkroad Online private server projects.
This place is ment for people who share the same fascination about Silkroad Online.
The project is driven by an ever lasting fascination for the game mechanics and art style.
This project is ment for mature players to have educated chats, make friends and learn new things.

Players are supposed to use the given game activities and organize in game or via the discord server by themselves.
There is not much GM activity in the game or the discord server, nor is the GM in any way responsible to entertain the players.

Therefore please only consider playing any NGESRO project if:
- You can accept a low server population or even playing alone.
- You are fine with no GM activity in the game.
- You agree that the GM is not responsible to keep the players entertained.
- You are able to organize in-game activities by yourself.

Please note that updates and bug fixes may take some time to complete.
Suggestions regarding the gameplay system are welcome and will be taken into account for future updates.

There are multiple servers with different features available. (check the Serverlist on the left panel)

Thank you for reading.
Be good to yourself.

How to reduce your latency (delay):
Use the official NGESRO-AddOn