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Server: NGESRO
    There are two start options: (chosen at account registration on the website)
    1. Choose max level start:
        ● You will start with max level 110 and free silk.
                ・ Instantly participate in PvP and PvE avtivities. 
                ・ Items are supplied by Jangan NPCs.
    2. Choose level 1 start:
        ● You will start with from level 1 and free silk.
                ・ For those who enjoy raising a character.
                ・ The route is the goal!
    The best items that can be acquired in the game is D11 Nova Fight/Power Weapons and regular Nova Armor/Accessory.
    You can get those items by dropping, Arena Coins or Arena Silk at:
        ● PvP: Survival Arena
                ・ Survival Arena Party (2vs2 | 3vs3 | 4vs4) matches 
                ・ Reward: Arena Silk (equivalent to Arena Coins)
        ● PvP: Battle Arena
                ・ Battle Arena Party (2vs2 - 8vs8) matches (Reward: Arena Coins)
                ・ Battle Arena Random (2vs2 - 8vs8) matches (Reward: Arena Coins)
        ● PvE/PvP: Fight for the Job Uniques (Reward: endgame item drops / Arena Coins / Gold)
● PvE/PvP: Item drop from Monsters in the Shire (Job Cave) (Reward: endgame item drops)
● PvE: Forgotten World dungeon (Reward: endgame item drops / Arena Coins / Advanced Elixirs / Gold)
● PvE: Monster item drop in the Storm and cloud desert (Reward: endgame item drops / Advanced Elixirs)
● PvE: Monster item drop in the Mirror Dimension (Reward: endgame item drops)
● PvE: Item drop from all monsters lv101-120 with a slightly increased droprate at higher level monsters. (Reward: endgame item drops)

Skill changes...
    Chinese Race:
        ● 20% physical damage increase (passive, no visible buff)
        ● Chinese spear weapons have a magical damage boost
        ● Added chinese Pain Quota (SRO-R version)
            ● Shield Power skill line replaced with a single skill:
                ・ 20% defence decrease
                ・ Cooldown 3min → 20sec
            ● Soul Spear - Emperor skill changed:
                ・ Stun effect lv10 → lv11
            ● Anti devil bow series changed:
                ・ 50% damage increase when the target is under (dull/sleep/stun)
            ● Thunderbolt series changed:
                ・ Maximum number of targets 3 → 5 
            ● Firebomb series changed:
                ・ Maximum number of targets 3 → 5 
            ● Snow shield series changed:
                ・ Cooldown 3min → 60sec
    European Race:
            ● Screen series changed:
                ・ Cooldown 3min → 10min
            ● Monster Mask series changed:
                ・ Cooldown 10min → 1sec
            ● Dance skills changed:
                ・ Divided into single bard dance and double bard dances
            ● Awesome World skill added:
                ・ Enables solo bard dance series skills to be casted
            ● Over-/Gluthealing series changed:
                ・ SRO-R version
            ● Bless Spell skill changed:
                ・ SRO-R version
            ● Healing orbit skill changed:
                ・ SRO-R version
            ● Reverse Oblation/Immolation skill changed:
                ・ SRO-R version
            ● Offering skill changed:
                ・ New cast color to indicate offering uses