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Privacy Policy

Server: Old3Job (サキエル)

Old3Job (サキエル) is a non profit, free to play, Silkroad private server.
We do not accept any donations nor will there be any advertisement.
This project does not involve any kind of monetization!
The intension of this server is to offer a place to experience the very first jobsystem (Old3Job),
while exploring the old game mechanics and bring back the nostalgia.

Thank you for reading.
Be good to yourself.

    - Maximum level cap is lv80 (This is final! There won't be any higher cap.)
    - Maximum item cap is D8 C-Grade / D8 Seal of Moon
    - Skill Point requirements to level up masteries and skills has been reduced by 75%.
    - Silk can be bought from Accessory NPC for Gold or can be earned by doing achievements.
    - Additionally players will gain 2 gifted Silk each day starting from the day of first character login.
    - Lord Yarkan/Demon Shaitan HP has been reduced by 50%.
    - Premium Ticket does not include a Gold Ticket for Exp gain anymore
    - Attribute/Magic/Speed Tablet element requirments have been reduced by 90%
    - Reinforment +1 -> +4 has a 100% success chance when using Lucky Powder
    - A selection of Magic Stones can be bought from the Accessory NPC (corresponding Tablet drops from Monsters are removed)
    - Magic Stones have a 100% success chance
    - Attribute Stones have a 95% success chance
    - NPC Thiefs have +20% moving speed
    - 20 seconds pickup cooldown after picking up your own tradegoods (staring with 4 stars)
    - Silk rewards for reaching higher job levels
    PvP-Area: (Players can practise pvp or test new builds in a separated area)
    - Players start with lv80
    - Players have instant access to all available items

KSRO (Korean SRO) History:
This is a collection of updates in chronological order, be aware that it is incomplete and will also contain wrong information.
It does not exacly match the feature updates present in the NGESRO-Old3Job server which is based on an equivalent CSRO version.

    Closed/Open Beta & Legend I: Trade Hegemony (Existing Silk Road Open)
    - Game starts with level cap 60 and item cap D6 A-Grade.
    - PK system: 15 PK per day or 500 PK points total, no penalties.
    [17.12.2004] Guild function without level system.
    [11.01.2005] D6 complete items have been added.
    [21.01.2005] Auto select icon was removed.
    [21.01.2005] Auto select prevention mob has been added to the shop.
    [21.01.2005] D6 items drop up to +3 from monsters.
    [21.01.2005] Added 22 new skills at lv50+.
    [07.02.2005] Firework items added.
    [11.02.2005] Character deletion via standby time system added.
    [11.02.2005] Hotan quests lv50+ added.
    [11.02.2005] Skill reset quest added.
    [11.02.2005] Random item drops from monsters up to +5.
    [21.02.2005] PK penalty added: SP lost, Item drop, teleport/transport/stall blocked.

    Legend II: Strikes Back of the Tortoises
    [25.02.2005] Level cap 70.
    [25.02.2005] Item cap has been raised to D7 C-Grade.
    [25.02.2005] Added 3-4 new skills lv51-58 for each class.
    [25.02.2005] DW cave area and quests have been released.
    [25.02.2005] Free PvP system has been added.
    [25.02.2005] Alchemy system has been added.
    [26.02.2005] New Skill sync sytem in battle situations with many logic changes added.
    [03.03.2005] Alchemy Lucky Powder added, Itemd +1-+4 do not destroy on failing.
    [03.03.2005] Cannot use transport in dungeons, penalty on mounting transports in battle.
    [14.03.2005] Giant Monster have been added.
    [16.03.2005] Item equal distribution feature in 8-man party added.
    [19.03.2005] Ctrl-key buy option added.
    [18.03.2005] Unique Monsters have been introduced.
    [04.04.2005] Guild level system 1-4 and Union system was added.
    [25.04.2005] Unique Monsters appearance/death notices were added.

    Legend III: Death Desert Taklamakan (formerly Taklamakan Revealed)
    [11.05.2005] Level cap 80.
    [11.05.2005] Taklamakan update. (Area/Quets)
    [11.05.2005] Skills lv60-69 added.
    [11.05.2005] D8 A-B-C-Grade added.
    [11.05.2005] Skin change scroll added.
    [11.05.2005] New universal pill added.
    [18.05.2005] Copy right agreement for TSRO with 800.000$ one time payment and 25% of monthly sales.
    [20.05.2005] Add Friends system introduced.
    [25.05.2005] Exp reward is tied to monster levels. Low level monster (blue) will not give normal exp anymore.
    [26.05.2005] Copy right agreement and Closed Beta for CSRO hosted by CIMO
    [27.05.2005] Avatar Hat items are introduced.
    [27.05.2005] Lord Yarkan unique was added with delay, due to development delay of improved mob AI.
    [10.06.2005] Added a feature that dropped quests can be re-accepted.
    [23.06.2005] Added send ingame Message feature.
    [01.07.2005] Added stall decorations to the Item Mall.
    [01.07.2005] Added Global Chatting to the Item Mall.
    [06.07.2005] Guild system update: Member permissions Join, announcement, storage etc. added.
    [06.07.2005] Map coordinate system updated. All chars start at same position after first relog since old spot does not exist anymore.
    [06.07.2005] Lord Yearkan difficulty increased and appears at all known spawnpoints in Taklamakan, not just Arena.
    [15.07.2005] PK system: required level increased from lv10 to lv20
    [15.07.2005] PK system: Lost exp when dying under PK state increased
    [15.07.2005] PK system: Killed by player under PK state: Exp lost: 10x increased, SP lost: 3 -> 20 SP
    [15.07.2005] PK system: Killed by monster under PK state: Exp lost unchanged, SP lost: 3 -> 60 SP
    [15.07.2005] PK system: Item drop rate incrased with PK level, 100% from a certain level.
    [15.07.2005] PK system: Resurrect exp recovery only gives 50% of the usual value.
    [15.07.2005] PK system: 2% damage in town every 4 seconds (death by this state counts as death from a monster)
    [15.07.2005] PK system: Auto recovery in town is not possible
    [15.07.2005] PK system: Total PK number of 300 is removed, only daily PK of 15 stays the same.
    [15.07.2005] Permanent: 200% increased Elixir drop rate, maximum increase in drop equipment and item enhancement options
    [15.07.2005] Added Gold(100%)/Silver(50%) time service to the Item Mall 1Day/4Weeks.
    [15.07.2005] Loss of exp when dying in triangular confrontation. (Jobbing)
    [20.07.2005] Transports update: Lv 45 horse, lv60 horse, lv60 trade horse, fire bull added.
    [29.07.2005] Quest UI restructuring
    [29.07.2005] Elixir, Lucky Powder icon change
    [29.07.2005] Monster summons no longer be used in village, will no longer bounce in some areas, was extended 3min -> 5min.
    [11.08.2005] IP bans for China in KSRO, meanwhile other countries can still connect.
    [17.08.2005] Weapon glows +3,+5,+7,+9 have been added.
    [19.08.2005] Teen server (Venice) opened. Requirement: User age 15-17. 
    - PK disabled, char
    - Changes the appearance of characters/monsters/NPCs with harmful elements.
    - The action animation will be modified when the monster dies.
    - It is not possible to choose a rogue class in trade and triangular confrontation.
    - In other areas, such as blood expressions, the 15-year-old will be modified to match the grade.
    [19.08.2005] Change the icon of the Elixir item
    [19.08.2005] Free PvP system: No more exp loss, you can resurrect in place
    [09.09.2005] Guild war system added. (Before this update, PK system was used for such conflicts. With increased penalties, PK system is no longer suitable.)
    [16.09.2005] Quest EXP/Gold/Item rewards for old Quests incrased by about x2,5
    [23.09.2005] Added SoX-System.
    [30.09.2005] Rebalance monster difficulty below level 25
    [14.10.2005] More than 40 new quests for Jangan/Donwhang are added.
    [07.11.2005] JSRO with publisher GameOn launches.

    Legend IV: Loksan, Mysterious Land (formerly known as Loksan's Clan)
    2005-11-16 Rock Mountain Area opened
    2005-11-16 Level cap raised to lv90
    2005-11-16 Degree 9 equipment released
    2005-11-16 Dagree 8 can be bought at the NPC now
    2005-11-16 x-large potions have been added to NPC and Item Mall
    2005-11-16 When reaching level cap you can get up to 99.99% instead staying at 0%
    2005-11-16 Feature to view items currently on the ground has been added
    2005-12-20 Fixed a bug about timedjob items shown in bufflist not expiring after the usetime is over.
    2006-01-11 AutoPotion system has been added to prevent illigal program use of such tools
    2006-02-xx Party Matching system addded.
    2006-02-22 Pet system has been added. (Grab and attack pet)
    2006-02-28 Beginner items added: 60%/100% exp helper 3 hours, 20 Beginner return scrolls
    2006-04-xx Guild system update: Guild lv5 possible, Guildstorage, Union chat added.
    2006-04-xx Alchemy system added: Magic-/Attribute Stones
    2006-05-xx Guild system update: Merchenaries, guild shop, Guild/Union crest, guild member summon added.