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2. サキエル (Old3Job)

Server Information

Server Time (UTC+1):

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Level Cap: 110
Races: CH / EU
Exp requirement: 50% reduced
SP requirement: 75% reduced
Item Drop Rate: custom
Gold Drop Rate: 1x
Giant spawn: 10x

Fortress War: Sunday 14:30-16:00

Bot and 3rd party tool Rules:
Bots or other 3rd party tools that support auto monster select are forbidden!
Use of keypresser 3rd party tool is not allowed when AFK (leaving the character unattended)!
Violation of these rules will lead to punishments rangeing from temporary login restrictions for the account to permanent bans for all accounts that can be associated with the violating user.
・ All downloadable files are packed as .7zip or .zip file format.
・ Files have to be unpacked in order to be used.
・ Recommended open source software for unpacking:

Download: NGESRO - AddOn

・ This tool is still under development.
・ Bugs and game client crashes could be caused by using this tool.

About this tool:
This is an AddOn for NGESRO servers.
It offers increased functionality in attempt to break down language barriers,
reducing gameplay delay and offering other features to enhance the playing experience.
Please note that this tool is completely optional and not required to play the game.

Download: NGESRO - AddOn [Version 19]:
Download from:
Download from:

Current features:
Management features:
 ・ Start the game with japanese locale
 ・ Automated character login
 ・ Hide/Show game client
 ・ Copy/paste/send ingame chat messages
 ・ Autopotion user interface for Old3Job Server

Delay reduce features:
 ・ Disabled Nagle's algorithm

Delay compensation features:
 ・ Rollback movement
 ・ Rollback Weaponswitch
 ・ Predict Weaponswitch
 ・ Equip Shield

[Version 18]:
- Updated the proxy to the new gateway server.
  (Previous AddOn Versions do not work anymore as they connect to the wrong gateway server.)

[Version 17]:
- Improved automated character login feature
- Improved Rollback Weaponswitch feature

[Version 16]:
- Added support to start the game with japanese locale
- Added a feature for automated character login
- Improved Old3Job Autopotion system within the Addon
- Improved the Chatlog feature

[Version 15]:
- Added compatibiltiy of Rollback Weaponswitch and Equip shield. Can now be used together.
- Fixed a problem with AddOn All chat messages not beeing visible within the AddOn chat window.
- Fixed a problem with Client chat window. First client chat message was not visible for yourself after using AddOn All chat function.

[Version 14]:
- Changed the Old3Job Autopotion menue to be closer to the official version.
- Removed serverside Autopotion for NGESRO server for upcomming system changes.

[Version 13]:
- Added Feature at Settings Tab called "Equip Shield"
  Note: This feature can currently not be used together with "Rollback Weaponswitch"
- Disabled Rollback Movement while using Return Scrolls
- Enabled "Serverside Autopotion" for NGESRO server.

- Enabled "Rollback weaponswitch" for NGESRO server.

- Fixed some crashes when using "Rollback weaponswitch".

- Autopotion settings will be saved for each character so you don't have to set it each time when starting the AddOn.

How to use: Download and unzip the NGESRO-AddOn to your location of choice and run the NGESRO-AddOn:

Follow the instructions:

Add a new silkroad installation folder:

Browse for your NGESRO installation folder and choose sro_client:

Press on the silkroad installation folder you have just added:

Press Launch:

Make sure that connection port is the same and press Start: