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2. サキエル (Old3Job)

Server Information

Server Time (UTC+1):

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for game account registrations.)

Level Cap: 110
Races: CH / EU
Exp requirement: 50% reduced
SP requirement: 75% reduced
Item Drop Rate: custom
Gold Drop Rate: 1x
Giant spawn: 10x

Fortress War: Sunday 14:30-16:00

Bot and 3rd party tool Rules:
Bots or other 3rd party tools that support auto monster select are forbidden!
Use of keypresser 3rd party tool is not allowed when AFK (leaving the character unattended)!
Violation of these rules will lead to punishments rangeing from temporary login restrictions for the account to permanent bans for all accounts that can be associated with the violating user.

How to reduce your latency (delay): Manually or use NGESRO-AddOn
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About NGESRO...
NGESRO is a private server project that is non-profit and free to play.
It is driven by an ever lasting fascination for the game mechanics and art style, as well as learning about the technical background.
This server is targeted to more mature players to have educated chats, make friends and learn new things.

Players are supposed to use the given game activities and organize in game or via the discord server by themselves.
There is not much GM activity in the game or the discord server, nor is the GM in any way responsible to entertain the players.
The only GM hosted event currently planned for the future, are 1vs1 PvP events in the S1-Area, which you can enter 
via the Event So-OK NPC in Jangan town.

Please note that updates and bug fixes may take some time to complete.
Suggestions regarding the gameplay system are welcome and will be taken into account for future updates.

Thank you for playing.
Be good to yourself.

Server concept...
There are two start options: (chosen at account registration on the website)

1. Choose max level start:
    ● You will start with max level 110 and free silk.
            ・ Instantly participate in PvP and PvE avtivities. 
            ・ Items are supplied by Jangan NPCs.
2. Choose level 1 start:
    ● You will start with from level 1 and free silk.
            ・ For those who enjoy raising a character.
            ・ The route is the goal!

The best items that can be acquired in the game is D11 Nova Fight/Power Weapons and regular Nova Armor/Accessory.
You can get those items by dropping, Arena Coins or Arena Silk at:
    ● PvP: Survival Arena
            ・ Survival Arena Party (2vs2 | 3vs3 | 4vs4) matches 
            ・ Reward: Arena Silk (equivalent to Arena Coins)

    ● PvP: Battle Arena
            ・ Battle Arena Party (2vs2 - 8vs8) matches (Reward: Arena Coins)
            ・ Battle Arena Random (2vs2 - 8vs8) matches (Reward: Arena Coins)

    ● PvE/PvP: Fight for the Job Uniques (Reward: endgame item drops / Arena Coins / Gold)
● PvE/PvP: Item drop from Monsters in the Shire (Job Cave) (Reward: endgame item drops)
● PvE: Forgotten World dungeon (Reward: endgame item drops / Arena Coins / Advanced Elixirs / Gold)
● PvE: Monster item drop in the Storm and cloud desert (Reward: endgame item drops / Advanced Elixirs)
● PvE: Monster item drop in the Mirror Dimension (Reward: endgame item drops)
● PvE: Item drop from all monsters lv101-120 with a slightly increased droprate at higher level monsters. (Reward: endgame item drops)

Skill changes...
Chinese Race:
    ● 20% physical damage increase (passive, no visible buff)
    ● Chinese spear weapons have a magical damage boost
    ● Added chinese Pain Quota (SRO-R version)

        ● Shield Power skill line replaced with a single skill:
            ・ 20% defence decrease
            ・ Cooldown 3min → 20sec

        ● Soul Spear - Emperor skill changed:
            ・ Stun effect lv10 → lv11

        ● Anti devil bow series changed:
            ・ 50% damage increase when the target is under (dull/sleep/stun)

        ● Thunderbolt series changed:
            ・ Maximum number of targets 3 → 5 

        ● Firebomb series changed:
            ・ Maximum number of targets 3 → 5 

        ● Snow shield series changed:
            ・ Cooldown 3min → 60sec

European Race:

        ● Screen series changed:
            ・ Cooldown 3min → 10min

        ● Monster Mask series changed:
            ・ Cooldown 10min → 1sec

        ● Dance skills changed:
            ・ Divided into single bard dance and double bard dances

        ● Awesome World skill added:
            ・ Enables solo bard dance series skills to be casted

        ● Over-/Gluthealing series changed:
            ・ SRO-R version

        ● Bless Spell skill changed:
            ・ SRO-R version

        ● Healing orbit skill changed:
            ・ SRO-R version

        ● Reverse Oblation/Immolation skill changed:
            ・ SRO-R version

        ● Offering skill changed:
            ・ New cast color to indicate offering uses