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Privacy Policy

Server: Old3Job (NG+)

This server is an experiment and will take a different approach than most servers.
Please read carefully to set set your expectations about on what this server is about.
Old3Job (NG+) is not free to play.
You will have to make a small payment (one time payment) of approximately 2 € to verify your website account.
The verification is permanant and no more payments are required. Only verified website accounts can create game accounts and play the server.
A verified website account can create an unlimited amount of game accounts.
The reason for this verification step is, that game accounts can be linked to a website account.
The NGESRO project was always about offering a place for experiencing Silkroad Online without bots.
So in case of a game rule abuse like using a bot, all game accounts that belong to the website account will be banned.
After deep considerations going for such a verification model is the most effective way to fight bots and offer a friendly game environment for mature people.
We are aware that choosing such an approach to the server design will reduce the possible player count compared to a regular free to play model.
Please note that this will not effect the other servers NGESRO and Old3Job (サキエル) in any way. They will stay free to play.

The server will have the same basic features as the Old3Job (サキエル) server.
New features will be decided in surveys on the website (taking part in surveys requires a verified website account)

Currently planned differences:
● Level cap 70 (this is final, no cap increase in the future)
● Item cap:
  - D8 B-Grade (lv68)/D8 Seal of Star (lv64) Weapons
  - D8 A-Grade (lv64-69) armor and Accessory
  - Large Potions
● Exp gain is greatly increased after level 20
● Drop rates are increased according to exp gain.
● Alternative skill balancing.
● Increased mob spawn.
● Premium ticket is removed from the game.
● Immortal stone is removed from the game.
● Unique AI behavior changed.

Optional system: (if this system is used will be decided by players in a survey)
The term "NG+" is inspired by the game Dark Souls.
For a game like Silkroad Online, it means that the server can have a reset once the population dies down and players loose interest.
In case of a server reset items will be lost.
That means that items from the previous server iteration will still be available at the new server start.
The intention is to have the excitement of a new server where everyone starts at the same level without loosing everything you worked for in the past.
This system is very experimental and it is up to the players if they like to play such a system.

Thank you for reading.
Be good to yourself.